Baskın Şenbaşlar

I am a Senior Software Engineer at NVIDIA, working on behavior planning for autonomous vehicles.

I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Southern California (USC) in 2023, advised by Prof. Gaurav Sukhatme in the Robotics and Embedded Systems Lab (RESL). My research focused on navigation systems, real-time trajectory planning, multi-robot aware control, and multi-robot systems. I combined control theory, optimization, and search algorithms to create effective navigation pipelines.

Prior to this, I was a part of the Automatic Coordination of Teams (ACT) Lab of USC, advised by Prof. Nora Ayanian. I earned my MSc. degree in Computer Science from USC with a specialization in Intelligent Robotics in 2019 and my BSc. in Computer Engineering degree from Middle East Technical University in 2017.

I completed an internship at NVIDIA, working on behavior planning for autonomous vehicles, and another at Google, working on rearchitecting one of Google's backbone networks (B4). I was also a Google Summer of Code student where I worked on the library.