Robust Trajectory Execution in Multi-Robot Teams

I investigate the techniques that can be used to execute trajectories of robots in multi-robot setups while handling environmental or internal changes that can happen during runtime. Specifically, given a set of guidance trajectories -which can be produced by a fully-fledged central multi robot planner, or they can simply be straight lines-, I try the solve the problem of executing those trajectories as close as possible while avoiding collisions.

The problem is dynamic in the sense that I do not assume any fixed environment and do not assume other robots are following specific trajectories. From the perspective of one robot, only information used is the positions of obstacles and other robots around it, both of which will change during execution.


  • Baskın Şenbaşlar, Wolfgang Hönig, and Nora Ayanian. "Robust trajectory execution for multi-robot teams using distributed real-time replanning." Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems. Springer, Cham, 2019. 167-181. [paper] [code] [video]